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SaleBestseller No. 1
24 Electrolux C Bags and 2 After Filters
  • 24 Electrolux C Bags & 2 After Filters by DVC brand
  • Fits plastic Aerus / Electrolux caister Vacuums C141A, C141F, C152b, C101A, C101G, C101H, C101J, C101L, C102A, C102D, C102G, C102J, C151D, C151G, C153C, C153D, C141B, C141D, C101K, C141C, C141E, C141G, C152C, C102K, C153A, C152E, C151C, 2100
  • Epic 6500, Epic 6000, 2100, LE, Ambassador, Special Edition, Classic, etc.
Bestseller No. 2
24 Bags for Electrolux Upright Vacuum Cleaner STYLE U
  • Fits all Electrolux uprights made since 1986
  • Fits original manufacture part numbers: 2500, 3500, 4000, 6000
  • Micro Filtration Allergy Bags, a must for Allergy sufferers!
  • 99.7 % Filteration EnviroCare Premium aftermarket Part
Bestseller No. 3
  • Fits: Electrolux Models L,E G, Super J, Golden J, Silverado, Diamond Jubilee, Grand Marquise, ultralux, Epic, Special Edition, Lux Legacy, Diplomat, LE, Amassador, Plus Vacuum Cleaners
  • 25 Electrolux 4 PLY Filtration Canister Tank Style C Vacuum Bags
  • Fits original manufacture part numbers: All Canisters/Tanks made since 1952
  • 99.7 percent of all dust particles are captured with Micro Filtration bags
  • MADE To Fit Aerus/Electrolux
Bestseller No. 4
Electrolux Canister Tank Style C Vacuum Bags,(10 Bags & 2 After Filters)
  • Electrolux C Bags FITS ALL CANISTERS / TANKS VACUUMS THAT ELECTROLUX HAS MADE since 1952. EXCEPT FOR A FEW CURRENT MODELS like the Model XXX, the RENAISSANCE, Epic 8000, GUARDIAN, and Lux 9000 models, OXYGEN MODELS. Fits these models and many others: Aú Electrolux Hi-Tech 2100 Aú Electrolux Models L, E G, 120 Aú Electrolux Super J Aú Electrolux Golden J Aú Electrolux Silverado Aú
  • Electrolux Diamond Jubilee Aú Electrolux Grand Marquise Aú Electrolux Marquise Aú Electrolux Ultralux Aú Electrolux Epic 6000 Aú Electrolux Special Edition Aú Electrolux Lux Legacy Aú Electrolux Diplomat Aú Electrolux Diplomat LX Aú Electrolux Lux 2000 Aú Electrolux Lux 5000 Aú Electrolux Lux 5500 Aú Electrolux LE Aú Electrolux Ambassador Aú Electrolux Ambassador Plus Aú Electrolux Ambassador III Electrolux Model 90 Item is: Micro filtration Allergy Bag, a must for Allergy sufferers!
  • Fits: Electrolux Aerus Canister Vacuum Cleaners & (2) AP100 Canister Vacuum Hepa Micro electrostatic Filter Fits original manufacture part numbers: 200 350 622 10 , 07 Dimensions: approx. 4-1/2" x 6-3/4" with a 2-1/4" mounting hole in the middle. EnviroCare Premium aftermarket Part #902
  • 99.7 % Filtration, Traps Microscopic particles and Allergens. Captures Microscopic Particles, Germs, and Bacteria
SaleBestseller No. 5
Electrolux EL200F S-Bag Classic Vacuum Bag, (10 Pa
  • Electrolux canister vacuum bags Type S. Please note: the letter after the EL200 is irrelevant, as it simply denotes to the manufacturer where the item was made. Therefore, the letter can vary and does not impact the item.
  • Designed For The Electrolux Canister Models #EL6985, #EL6988, #EL6989, and #EL7020
  • 5 bags per box 2 Boxes
Bestseller No. 6
3M Filtrete Electrolux C (Tank) Micro Allergen Vacuum Bag - 3 bags (67706)
  • Fits vacuum models ELECTROLUX* Canister Model made after 1954 LUX* 9000, Guardian*, Epic* 8000 and Renaissance* Canisters.
  • Micro Allergen bags help trap 90% of airborne pollutants 1 micron or larger, including household dust, dust mite debris, grass and ragweed pollen.
  • Vacuum Bags should be replaced every 30 to 60 days for optimium performance.
  • All vacuum brand and model names are registered trademarks of vacuum manufacturers.
Bestseller No. 7
Arm & Hammer 62613GQ Kenmore Style C, Q & 5055 Premium Allergen Bag Pkg
  • Fits Kenmore vacuum cleaner series: 23040, 23243, 23350, 24320, 24321, 24325, 24326, 24327, 24350, 24390, 24410, 24971, 24975, 24981, 24991, 25430, 2621, 26312, 26320, 26325, 26355, 26390, 26395, 26410, 26413, 26430, 26435, 26450, 26455, 27514, 27515, 27614, 27615, 27814, 27815, 27914, 27915, 28014 and 28015 Canisters.
  • Fits Panasonic vacuum cleaner series: MC-885, MC-CG800, MC-CG902, MC-CG917, MC-CG902, MC-CG973, and MC-V9600 Series and Canisters taking the AMC-J3EP or MC-V150M bags.
  • ARM & HAMMER: Baking Soda has been trusted to neutralize the toughest odors for generations, helping you create your Fresh Home
  • ARM & HAMMER Premium Allergen vacuum bags capture 90% of allergens at 1 micron or larger including pet dander, grass and ragweed pollen, household fiber and dust mite debris.
  • Change your vacuum bag every 1-2 months or more frequently if it becomes full and firm to the touch
Bestseller No. 8
Genuine Electrolux Anti-Allergy s-bag EL202F (8 Bags)
  • Please note: the letter after EL202 will vary and does not denote anything in regards to the product itself. Instead, it only tells the manufacturer where the particular retail product was manufactured.
  • S-Bag Anti-Allergy is ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • Fits Models: Electrolux EL4100, EL4200, EL4050, EL5010, EL5035, EL6985, EL6988, EL6989, EL7000, EL7020, EL7025, EL7050, EL7060, EL7070, and EL8500 Series.
  • High grade synthetic, capturing and filtering small dust particles
  • Contains: 2 packages of 4 bags Total of 8 Bags
Bestseller No. 9
ELECTROLUX HOMECARE PRODUCTS Electrolux EL200G s Classic Paper Vacuum Bag, 5, Brown
  • ELECTROLUX EL4012, EL4015, EL4040, EL4100, EL4200, EL6980, EL7000, EL7020, EL7050, EL7060, EL7070, EL7080 Series Canisters. EUREKA CV140 Series Central Vacuums & 6500, 6510, 6990 Series Canisters. SANITAIRE PE6985, SP6950 Series Canisters.
  • Electrolux S Classic Bag
  • Designed For The Electrolux Canister Models #el6985, #el6988, #el6989, and #el7020
  • Sets The Standard For Clean with High Filtration Level, and Smart, Convenient Design
  • 5 bags per box
SaleBestseller No. 10
Electrolux EL200DQ Vacuum Bag, 10, Brown
  • Electrolux El4012, El4015, El4040, El4100, El4200, El6980, El7000, El7020, El7050, El7060, El7070, El7080 Series Canisters; Eureka Cv140 Series Central Vacuums & 6500, 6510, 6990 Series Canisters; Sanitaire Pe6985, Sp6950 Series Canisters
  • Country Of Origin : Sweden
  • Product Height : 11. 0"
  • Product Length : 6. 5"

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